February 2019
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Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer!

And remember to look for blossoming fiddleheads, it brings good luck to find some!

Did she say that about me?… found via FB

Did she say that about me?... found via FB

Tatyana Droubich

I am an amicable person. I hate confrontation and ambiguous contexts. For me, it is simpler to tell things as they are all at once. It seems to me that femmes fatales do not act this way. Being sly, playing, plotting – no thanks. There’s no bravado here. I rather confess […]

No bikinis in Vaasa this summer

No bikinis in Vaasa this summer

Suomen kesä 2012

However it has not been snowing either. Positive thinking yeah 😀

To be honest, this is MY kind of weather, lov’ it.



Nightwish – Storytime

Nightwish - Storytime

Scary fairytales for grown-ups… Love Anette in this video, ter-ri-fic!

Storytime – Nigthwish

A-la Provence or what it may be – new kitchen curtain

A-la Provence or what it may be - new kitchen curtain

It’s so retro and so very village.



Actually, there’s not much choice between styles when you try to cozy up a 1980s farmhouse kitchen. Metal or glass would have ruined the harmony here, with those wooden floors, wooden ceiling, rustical kitchen cupboards etc.

You either start from zero point […]

Happiness, here and now

Happiness, here and now

We’re living through the time of strain.

Too much noise, too much information, too many faces, too many rules and exclusions… by far. Nor even time to think which of this abundance you really need if any.

Sometimes it feels like the energy is going to cut off this very moment and the reality […]

That’s a good one

That's a good one

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

And just think: I got this in an automatic mail message following a winning bid at Huuto.net – next to seller’s bank account number and all.


Bloody tuna

Bloody tuna


Young German duck

Young German duck

It looks rather like it has had botox. Allright… it is frozen 😀

I bought it in Niilin poika the other day. Will stuff YGD with apples and herbs from the garden and grill it in the oven.

Mr. Kirjolohi, Director

Mr. Kirjolohi, Director

In Prisma today.

A change in Ulkomaalaislaki?

A change in Ulkomaalaislaki?

Sometimes the differences in Migri pages and the Foreigners law confuse me a lot…


Ulkomaalaislain aikaedellytys



Migri FAQ asumisaikaedellytys



Whether I am missing smth or I am plain dumb or somebody forgot an update to Migri webpage 😀

Have […]

Earth, wind and fire

Earth, wind and fire

Electricity price is lifted up again in September 2011. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t even think of switching to renewables – what a joke! 🙂

Now that I imagine the amount of bill we might get this coming winter (in winter 2010/2011 the maximum came up almost to EUR300 per month), the […]