May 2009
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“Balcony season” open! Jiihaa :)

"Balcony season" open! Jiihaa :)

Normally grillikausi, or terassikausi (grill season, terrace season) is opened in Finland already at the end of April. This year we left for our vacation to Italy and were as late as last Friday. Besides, we do not have a terrace. So we called it “balcony season” 😀

Luckily, all this does […]

Shopaholic’s list. What we brought with us from Venice

Shopaholic's list. What we brought with us from Venice

One thing I should tell you right away: Venice is extremely expensive. Even if Sam Marco Square prices are not taken into account and we walk away in the direction of Rialto Bridge, things still look bad. One can find a diner where food is priced at more or less the Finnish level, however […]

People. Venice, day 4

People. Venice, day 4

Like any other big city, Venice is full of interesting faces. Just a few shots as evidence 🙂

The Gondoliers


“Supersize me” alla Finlandese

"Supersize me" alla Finlandese

I thought I’d say a few words on Finnish fast food…

Of course they’ve got Macdonalds here as well. Some even like it, haha 😀 But not during the big market time. No-no-no (in poor Amy’s voice). When and if you’re in a market in some Finnish town you should go eat muikku! It’s […]

The price of being a clown. Adam Resurrected (2008)

The price of being a clown. Adam Resurrected (2008)

Adam Stein was the best clown. And he used to play a violin. Herr Klein made him go down (on his knees yeah), But still couldn’t make him give in.

Sounds like a children’s scary fairy tale, doesn’t it? 🙂 Well, that’s what it is, especially because most of the movie’s events […]

A bit of color to the landscape. American Indians in Vaasa

A bit of color to the landscape. American Indians in Vaasa

It’s not the first time for these guys to come here… well, that’s my guess 🙂 Or, have I seen them in Helsinki? or in St.Petersburg? Anyway, this kind of folk music has become sooo very popular lately that similar bands are in abundance all around the world.

They might be missing a few […]

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder

Sometimes it’s just so very evident that you do not need to be biased 🙂

Like, see this. Makeup-free, photoshop-free.

A look out of the dark


22.05.2009 Blog theme update and some minor updates

22.05.2009 Blog theme update and some minor updates

Today I made a blog theme update and also few minor updates of the blog mainly related to bug fixing.

Pictures should now look correctly also in IE 5-6 and with small screen resolutions.

In case any bug found, please do not hesitate to report and have a nice weekend!

Foooooood… Venice, day 3

Foooooood... Venice, day 3

No one would agree to eat impressions only, right? 🙂

There’s no need to, either, since we are in Italy, the land of prosciutto, parmiggiano, variety of pastas, and Her Majesty Pizza. But not only… When in Venice, there is all reason to try the Venetian fish soup consisting of all available kinds of […]

Non-existent that exists. Venice, day 2

Non-existent that exists. Venice, day 2

As the story goes… We were lucky enough to get a good hotel. Royal San Marco, as is evident from the name, is just a couple of minutes’ walk from San Marco Square and 15 minutes’ walk from Rialto Bridge – that is, within reach for everything. Rooms are rather small like in most […]

Eurovision in a nutshell

Eurovision in a nutshell

Tomorrow no one cares for it anymore, so I’ll write today. Sorry for the criticism in advance folks – remember it’s just an opinion 😉

Just two VOICES – I mean, for real – Sweden and United Kingdom, but they might be out of question completely being, respectively, quasiopera and musical stuff. Patricia Kaas […]

Where do I begin… lalala. Venice, day 1

Where do I begin... lalala. Venice, day 1

East or West (to fly), Finnair has always been my fave. Especially if the flight is long enough to want some peace and non-pressure service. Plus, they do not mind you sleeping with your legs up on three empty seats that you haven’t bought or requesting an extra lunch, provided of course that the […]

A Road Note

A Road Note

The reason there have not been any updates for a few days now is because I am not here. And I am not here because I am in Italy and my hotel has no wi fi.

Lots of photos to come, and stories, too.

Stay tuned.