September 2009
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Less food spendings starting tomorrow?

Less food spendings starting tomorrow?

Good news folks 🙂

From Oct 1st, 2009, on, VAT on food products will be down from 17% to 12% in Finland. Ruokakesko and K-kauppiaat have agreed to implement this VAT change into their prices. Thus, food cost shall drop at least by the difference in tax value. Jiihaa!

The scope of change includes […]

He’s had the time of his life…

He's had the time of his life...

Patrick Swayze is gone. His pains are over and our grief has just begun.

R.I.P. fairytale character, gentleman, lover and fighter.

A 2 hour trip to the Archipelago and – voilĂ !

A 2 hour trip to the Archipelago and - voilĂ !

This is our fourth time this autumn. And the mushroom season is not yet over. And I still have fish in my freezer and no much space left. And cranberries are to come soon…

I think we will need a new larger freezer.


Saariston tatit!

Sir Hitchkock’s worst nightmare

Sir Hitchkock's worst nightmare

We sat down to have a sip of beer in Ruissalo Spa when this beast went diving down from the roof to pick up the leftovers of someone’s blueberry pie.


It was real scary. I understand you Alfred.

More Finnish fastfood

More Finnish fastfood

A few pics of no artistic value at all 🙂


Fried potatoes & sausage. Go heavy on cognac mustard.

Paistettua lohta

Fried salmon with lemon. Yum!


If someone had photographed me like that (see the lady on the right) I would […]

The Ugly and the Tasty :)

The Ugly and the Tasty :)

The Autumn Fish Market. Every Finnish city or town has got one of its own in August or September. We had it today, and the day was a lucky strike – sunshine and no rain, in spite of the harsh northern wind, so typical of this time of the year.

The Fish Market normally […]