November 2009
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Muffins… just muffins

Muffins... just muffins

A picture to inspire 😀



What’s new in Finland and in Vaasa

What's new in Finland and in Vaasa

Hesari wrote today that the traditional Independence day gala reception at the President’s Palace (Presidentinlinna in Finnish) might be cancelled due to the risk of swine flu propagation 🙁

That’s a real pity because for many Finns Linnan juhlat is something that goes without saying, that is, comes on December, 6, every year. Just […]

My winter time footwear

My winter time footwear

Uggs? No thank you very much.

Mukluks? Have some pity!

My choice to compromise between the current fashion (that has recently gone nuts) and common sense: pomars 😀

Pomarit, my preciousss

Langue de boeuf – Naudan kieli – Another look at

Langue de boeuf - Naudan kieli - Another look at

Yes I know that meat byproducts scare off many eaters due to their origin and nature. As for me, I eat everything that has not been nailed down to the table. Well, almost. And byproducts can be very very delicious when cooked in the right way.

Langue de boeuf, or boiled ox tongue, is […]

Connected to the previous one

Connected to the previous one

But in case you are different…


It’s not hard to be different…

It's not hard to be different...

… or a remake of loneliness in the crowd theme 🙂

An ugly duckling? U sure?

Snow in Vaasa… the very first time this year

Vaasa deep in snow


Blog’s 2nd writer as a refreshment

Blog's 2nd writer as a refreshment

It’s about time to bring in some radical change, not without a reason 😉

Why not let the Almighty Admin write here? Exactly that’s what I mean.

Meet Max!

(We’ll write in turn so I am not exiting the picture. There’ll just be two people on stage sharing their thoughts and other silly stuff […]

Swine flu pandemia in Finland – Influenssa A (H1N1)v iski Suomeen

Swine flu pandemia in Finland – Influenssa A (H1N1)v iski Suomeen

Strange times we’re living through, indeed, folks… Having just recovered from the bird flu panic moods, we arrive from a rock at yet another hard place.

Pandemrix – source:

Swine flu pandemia is said to burst out in Suomi, and according to Vasabladet this week it arrived in Vaasa as […]

1.11.2009 General blog update

1.11.2009 General blog update

WordPress core update upto 2.8.5.

All plugins are updated to the recent versions.

Main Theme update.

This update currently should lead to faster site displaying as main theme is updated and fine tuned a bit.

Bugs found? Please report to admin @