March 2010
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“A nice present to a person who has already got everything”

"A nice present to a person who has already got everything"

That is the description the author of a sell ad has provided for his lot.

See below:


No need to translate I suppose 😀

St. Nicholas’ Orthodox Church

St. Nicholas' Orthodox Church

The church in Barrack Square (Kasarmintori), Vaasa, where our baby will be baptized.

Built back in 1864.

Looks fabulous in the spring sunlight.

Pyhän Nikolaoksen kirkko

They killed Metro

They killed Metro

The blast news from Moscow were on every TV channel and many Internet blogs yesterday and today. People are astonished, shocked. Pictures on Twitter… not every viewer can stand it.

38 lives wasted.

But what hurts me personally even more is the change for the worse that such events bring forward. When I was […]

Vauvauinti – Baby Sim – Baby Swim

Vauvauinti - Baby Sim - Baby Swim

Went to try it for the first time today at Tropiclandia, all three of us including of course baby Alisa.

Sooo much fun! although we had to wake up at 6 a.m. which is torture taking into account Saturday 😀 But as soon as we got there our moods were up & high. About […]

Let’s pick up some more delightful news

Let's pick up some more delightful news

STT-HS reported last week that the population of Finland grew noticeably last year.

Among the reasons for that, immigration and the babyboom of 2009 autumn and winter. The growth of population was approx. 25 000 people. By the beginning of 2010, a bit over 5 351 000 lived in Finland, the number of females […]

Chicago, Feb 2010

Chicago, Feb 2010

I was recently posting about my flight to USA. Here i put some nice photos of Chicago views made by me just by walking with my camera. Theese photos are no masterpieces, but i would like to share them with you 🙂

Tourist bus in Chicago


Property of the State?

Property of the State?

God knows I’ve tried to keep my eyes wide shut on the Rantala case… Too many people involved, too many attitudes, too many lies spread and too few facts available.

But I’m a mom myself and I cannot help thinking what if it were me and my child.

The local media have been keeping […]

Celebs go Finland

Celebs go Finland

“Soccer Barbie” David Beckham is in Turku today, the headlines reported.

He has not come here for Koskenkorva or reindeer sausage, but is due to be operated in Mehiläinen clinic (wow. wow. i have insurance in that clinic!) for Achilles/ heel cord or whatever his problem is.

I guess, we’ll see Sakari Orava (Beck’s […]

SAS: Money making priority?

SAS: Money making priority?

Recently i was flying from Stockholm to Chicago and back with SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, i had a regular “Economy Class” ticket.

Well, flights were pretty OK, despite of the fact declared by SAS that “SAS offers wider seats and more legroom”. I would beleive that if i did not fly by Boeing 757. […]

14.3.2010 General blog update

14.3.2010 General blog update

WordPress core update upto 2.9.2.

All plugins are updated to the recent versions.

Bugs found? Please report to admin @

“Hi, I am an Albanian virus…”

"Hi, I am an Albanian virus..."

A tag from KIVAT wool overalls for babies 😀