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Straight Edge Society™, Multicultural Interactive Real Approach™, YEAH!

Straight Edge Society™, Multicultural Interactive Real Approach™, YEAH!

You know, sometimes words said or written have that much difference from their original meanings… I face those differences more often day by day now. What you would think if you see something like “Multicultural Interactive Real Approach”? Think for a minute…

Or see the meaning of MIRAhouse in original:

Mira International Culture Society is an international association and a sociocultural arena for Finns and Foreigners living in Vaasa and the surrounding area.

Sounds like something good, don’t you think?

Last Sunday we saw that “Cultural” society in action, yeah…

Lucky or not? Well, depending again of what you “imagine” when see the words, now the story:

MIRA house deserves a big Childfree-sign over the door, after the Russian lady who is the cultural society’s secretary tried to prevent us from entering the MIRAhouse with a baby carriage in which Alisa was peacefully sleeping. “You see, the wheels of baby carriage leave dirty traces on the floor and there have been complaints from SOME people”… Followed with a recommendation to leave the carriage outside.

Me: “Do you mean we may not come here with babies/kids at all anymore??”

She: “Okay, okay, you can come in this time, but you should be REALLY careful“.

Well, we might as well do more to keep MIRA house floor clean: not come again.

The building has the baby carriage and wheelchair ramp made for making baby carriages to go in easily, quite normal thing in Finland nowdays. No need to say there is no notice anywhere forbidding use of baby’s carriages or wheelchairs inside, NOWHERE. This was an exclusive initiative of MIRA house secretary, I presume.

So now we have learned the lesson. You should be careful with your baby’s carriage not to leave traces on MIRAhouse’s floors, that’s i beleive so called “MULTICULTURAL INTERACTIVE™” behavior or something.
The REAL APPROACH™ means you get an exclusive favor from MIRA house to be able to get in to their building for an open event.  This is now the way of establishing cultural and social communication between locals and new arrivals from abroad.

Later that day, in the Anttila, a woman guard offered to help us go to the underground parking lot with her elevator key since normally that elevator does not take you to the ground floor… She was local and did not mind dirty traces from our baby carriage. Well maybe she did not know 😉

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