February 2019
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(Thunder)storm alert all across Western Finland

(Thunder)storm alert all across Western Finland

I can hear wind howling loudly outside, so what the meteorologists say is hardly an overestimation… Probably our case will not be so harsh as Asta that caused a lot of a problem in Eastern and Southern Finland, however HS recommends today to secure extra food and water supplies, radio, and batteries for about a week ahead since shortfalls are possible. (I wonder what happens to all this food when fridges shut down and, besides, almost every stove in Finland is run by electricity, and cooking on an open fire is unsafe because the wind is too  strong and the forest too dry, so…. bread, sausage, and juice or beer seem to be the only combination possible. Well, okay, canned food, too – but I cannot imagine eating sardines day after day for a WEEK). Hope cellular phone stays on, it’s become sorta third hand to all of us.

Of course fear takes molehills for mountains. Sure. It will by no means be even close to El Niño or whatever they have on the “wrong” side of the Ocean. A few old trees might be taken down by wind, and that’s it.

But I wish this summer were over already.

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