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Greens in action

Greens in action

Someone was wondering about green techs in our life? Oh yeah sure, green™, clean™ and other cool stuff is actively promoted in socieity nowadays:

For example Incandescent and halogen lamps phase-out schedule is carefully followed in Europe and it was definetely not the last step to get some spare €os out of your pocket. Well, now you get few lamps to your house, can save (lol) if take cheap China made crap and forget about the thing as those new energy saving lamps are working much longer than old lamps (hope your eyes will forgive you as no one was really researching the effect how blinking lamps are affecting to your eyes, brain etc). We will follow how LEDs will become more agressively promoted on the market during next years, so “save” much more €os as LEDs are much more expencive than even energy saving lamps. To be continued here…

Now there is a much bigger step to get another stash out of you. Welcome the new E10 petrol!

What is that? Quote from As one measure in the combat against climate change, Finland is increasing the share of biofuels in road transport.
As of January 2011, the E10 petrol with 10% v/v ethanol will be the principal quality in Finland. This requires that the necessary amendments to the legislation will be finalised in time. The petrol containing  up to 5% v/v ethanol will be available for engines that are not compatible with the new E10 petrol.

Now let’s make an interpretation to the human language:
The new 95 E10 petrol will be used in Finland starting January 2011. If you had carefully read the quote you obviously found the word “compatible”. Oh yeah, the story began here…
Not all cars (engines) are compatible with new green 95 E10. There is an official file where you can get the compatibility list (ver 23.02.2011) Mostly this concern is about old (more than 10 years old) cars. Taking into account Finnish tax value for the cars imported to the country, this concern is about quite a lot of cars! So if you have a car that is not compatible with new petrol you basically have two options:
Option 1: use new petrol and face a problem with leaking rubber and plastic gaskets etc. at least, God knows what kind of things new petrol can do to your car. This is why the new petrol is not approved for all engines.
Option2: use 98 petrol. To have at least local overheating problem with the engine, god knows what kind of things 98 petrol can cause to your car, but it is aprroved to be used with the cars that are not compatible with 95 E10. Oh yeah, do not forget to pay the price difference between 95 and 98 petrol (up to 8cents per litre)!

So green techs™ affecting more and more to our life. Are you happy with that?

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