April 2019
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Norway calling

Norway calling

First, grieving, anger, and fear came in.
Then, questions. A lot of them.

How many shooters were there in total? Killing over 50 people ALONE is an action movie superman’s task, and the guy was not even a seal/commando.

Why the killer was allowed so much time to act? The media are full of speculations of how the Norway police couldn’t find any boats or how the emergency call center did not believe calls from worried parents whose children texted about the shooting not daring to dial a number when hiding on that damn island. The result is, anyway, no help for almost 1.5 hour and 76 bodies.

How come that high precision weapons and explosive substances and components wander about in psychotic hands without any supervision?

Finally, how much are we ready to tolerate? Where’s the limit of respect for the freedom of word & thought and where’s the limit of safety of living side to side with mentally distorted people when we all try to keep our lives private and our own problems (if any) hidden from others?

Although deep inside I might be much of an anarchist, sometimes the world’s doings make me think that people are not ready to take the responsibility for freedom. They will always use an opportunity to say and do what they want but never ready to pay for the devastating results of their words and doings.

Oh yes, Breivik will soon be behind bars for a looong time. Out of the game until, say, 60yo, which is practically forever. But there are hudreds, if not thousands of others, as distorted, irresponsible, violent and addictive as he is. The same people who used him to implement their will and their ideas, will find and prepare new killer machines. They cannot be prosecuted because they’re always invisible and absent from the picture, never directly ordering to kill or blow up, their participance is hard to prove in a democratic society…

A dead end?

Hopefully not.

But I’m still afraid that in 10 or 20 years from now democracy and freedom will be merely a dream. The humanity will have to choose between security and responsibility, and the majority’s choice is quite obvious.

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