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Word that gives life… Word that takes life. The Reader

Word that gives life... Word that takes life. The Reader

There are movies that make you feel more alive than ever. The Reader is one.

Admitting guilt is easier than taking the blame. However it can be shared at the price of sacrificing something else. That’s what Hanna did when she found she was living in a coffin, the walls being her past. A young boy whom she met in a street by accident (literally) becomes her man… and her life. Hanna’s illiterate, Michael volunteers to read aloud to her, not knowing that many others had been forced to do the same thing. She really lives only while he’s with her. Too proud to admit own weakness, whether inability to read or write or fear of becoming a drag. The latter will later force her to flee.

Shots work like a time machine. Click, cläck. What a weird court hearing indeed: the judge playing prosecutor, attorney keeping silent, one of his defendants peacefully knitting (and the world can wait), a professor holding a silent workshop for his students; and all wishing it would end sooner – to have someone convicted and their own long time guilt released.

Hanna walks up her Calvary, but she’s got company. Yes, he did it ex gratia. It can of course be regarded cowardice to get afraid of meeting an ex Nazi  face to face behind bars. But what about doing miles of audio book records year after year to keep an old – once beloved – woman alive, would any of us be able to…? Do you remember Hanna was once afraid of becoming a burden? Well she never quit. What can be easier to knock out own feet than books. Kate Winslet is trustworthy even when she is acting silent.

When you have watched this movie just take a drop of fresh cold water (tastes wonderful now, doesn’t it?). And throw away the stone you’ve got up your sleeve for those who are worse than you. Because we are not this world’s judges and by no means should regard ourselves as judges. We are nothing but readers.

A must-see. Strongly recommended.

6 comments to Word that gives life… Word that takes life. The Reader

  • Max

    Really good movie, agree.

  • rafale

    sounds like you guys do love dramas 😉
    did you have a chance to watch the revolutionary road with another dicaprio/winslet duo?

  • Not yet, not yet.
    Have u seen that one? I need an honest opinion of an expert 🙂

  • rafale

    just the trailer, so far ) but it’s on my short list =)

    the trailer looks promising, though, at least as far as the camerawork is concerned ) winslet & dicaprio look great, too

  • Winslet has really grown into a great actress, compared to what she did a few years ago. Amazing. What was necessary is just a little madness, oh huh, Mendes 😉

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