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What’s wrong with Michael Jackson. Three kings (1999)

What's wrong with Michael Jackson. Three kings (1999)

Oops, Julkka did it again – watched an old movie 🙂  The first reason, I’m down with a flu and that’s a good excuse yeah. Second reason, aging Marky Mark appeals to my eye a great deal more now than in his early years and half-mast calvin kleins. Third reason, I didn’t regret a single minute of my time.

This movie’s quite catchy. Action? Comedy? Adventure? With George Clooney up front in the dessert, one might expect that he’s got a sharp-toothed Salma Hayek behind his shoulder and Quentin Tarantino’s left ear in his pocket. The impression is strengthened with the presence of gloomy Ice Cube, it makes you wanna say “Hey guys it’s not serious, now they will do something really funny about that gold and make us all laugh“. However, there is very little to laugh at. Instead, makers of this movie are laughing at us. Our stereotyping, first of all.

Three kings

Three kings

Strike a pose… Rrright man.

Tarantino ends when Saddam’s gold is found. There is a point of no return where you realize you just have to do what you have to do. The necessity. A stereotype, too. But every thief has a heart, doesn’t he? While are trying to help the helpless the GI’s will need help themselves, also to learn that there is something worse than death or a court martial.

Bereavement. Being abandoned. And loss of hope.

Three kings

Three kings

Archie Gates’ no Mother Teresa, he’s just honest about his deals

The interrogation episode is probably the best one in the movie.  Also, the action around Troy’s lung valve and Archie’s story of bullets’ “behavior” uinside a human body are as impressive as cruel. Kaboom.  Take your kids away from the screen 🙂

Five points out of five for taking that brilliant ironic approach.

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