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Essi Pöysti is Miss Finland 2009

Essi Pöysti is Miss Finland 2009

She seems to be the right choice. Essi’s blond & pretty, not too young (21 yo), not too tall (174 cm), not strikingly thin (56 kg) and with fair complexion. Her mother comes from Lapua and nowadays the family lives in Jyväskylä. Her sibling Eetu plays ice hockey, her boyfriend is modest enough to escape public attention. Essi itself is studying to be a nurse at a child health center or hospital. A role model, no more, but no less…

Yep, your guess was correct 😉 This time Miss Suomi was chosen by public vote.

Miss Finland 2009Miss Finland 2009

Photo: Finnartist, also featuring Elsi Suolanen (the one on the right; in fact, I kept my fingers crossed for her, and the Finnish media shared the same opinion) and Linda Wikstedt.

One more image of Miss Finland 2009, this time from Iltalehti website:


There’re rumours of Essi having undergone plastic surgery prior to the competition, but we do not believe it. Of course not 😉

4 comments to Essi Pöysti is Miss Finland 2009

  • ekopengen

    Her face looks like Lisa Kudrow or Britney Spears. However, a nice smile from a woman who represent Finland…

  • Kingsley Ferdinands

    I am planning to visit Finland for 3 months to meet nice girls who are single and love to dance, drinks and have great times. If you are keen to meet then plzx buzz me ….thanks….I wanna learn the language and culture. I was hoping to meet some nice people in the music and some great bikini babes….not too many around these parts of the woods…could someone help me with this….Thanks. Da King da Ka.

  • Max

    LOL, if you look for bikini babes, then Finland during winter time is the right place to start, you are just in time! 😀

  • Kingsley Ferdinands

    I would appreciate meeting all the Hunnies, or would be Hunnies and some one who can speak French, because I think it is cool…I have about $40 million dollars and just wanna travel and have fun and I think bikini girls are the best…or nurses…or royalty, but no skanks or PORN QUEENS…or gamblers…i need a chance at LOVE…not just sex and then getting dumped….I will not be ignored anymore…ohhh and NO DRUGS, NO TATTS, NO PIERCINGS AND NO SMOKING… drinks are cool but must be basically good CHRISTIAN GIRL….who loves a life of luxury. I AM SINGLE AND FREE….YIPPEEEE!!!

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