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Chicken with herbs and garlic in white wine

Chicken with herbs and garlic in white wine

So simple, so good that cooking it is like dancing… say, to Gloria Estefan’s biisit* 🙂

I did not use any books for making this, so the exact proportion of components is a matter of experience.

You will need:

one middle-sized chicken or 3-4 chicken legs

For stuffing and spreading on top:

20 or more cloves garlic cut in two or three

fresh herbs: rosemary, basil, thyme, dill, parsley, oregano… that is, whatever you can find or have at hand – be brave and chop more of it 🙂

sea salt

chilli powder (have been using it quite often recently, its taste appeals to me with chicken)

plenty of good olive oil suited for frying/roasting

about 1 cup (or 1dl) of good white wine; never take bad/cheap wine – it will spoil your cooking


Mix all the ingredients together.

While you’re busy stuffing the chicken and oiling it on the outside, the oven heats up to 180С / 350F.

With roasting, you have a few options. I used a roasting bag again since I’m far too lazy to clean the oven afterwards, however you might choose to roast the chicken in a deep tray (you’ll need a little more stuffing mix and two cups of chicken stock to pour on top from time to time) or in a large clay pot (keep the lid on all the time and take it off only approx. 10 minutes before the chicken is ready – it will get some color). Roasting will last more’n an hour (1.3 kilo chicken).

That’s what I got in the end:

Yrttinen kananpoika

Yrttinen kananpoika


Mashed potatoes, plain rice, or asparagus to the side.


*biisi = song, hit (fin.)

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