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Baby, anyone?

Baby, anyone?

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Finland is experiencing a babyboom, and the number of babies to come is on the rise 🙂

Photo by Markus Kontiainen for ess.fi

Photo by Markus Kontiainen for ess.fi

Last year, Finland got 59,000 little residents, which is 800 more that the year before. And the Oscar goes to the champion is – jiihaa! – Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa). The country’s capital lags far behind.

Another trend in Finland is aging first-timers. Most of such mothers are 30 years old nowadays. On one hand, medics might be worried about possible health problems for the babies, on the other hand, the latter might as well be healthier and happier due to the fact that pregnancy had been evidently planned by the parents, both physically and financially. 30 yo is the kind of age when you start looking one step ahead, you know 🙂

The article in HS gained a lot of interesting comments. People react differently: some think that birth rise is due to incoming immigrants from Asia and Africa (where having many children in a family is a general standard) and will result in overpopulation; others, on the contrary, welcome future taxpayers warmly; some share the opinion that women use pregnancy to prevent loss of job now that the risks are high.

I’d say carefully that the future will show 😉

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  • Jim

    A high class blog you´re having here. Humbly proud to be on it, too.

    Could you have a thought of putting some of your pics on our MySpace Art and Literature Group in the near future?

  • Huomenta Jim 🙂
    Happy 2 hear that. Especially when I’m so lazy that write to Julkka only once in a while…
    Pls pick up the pics that you like best, I’ll put them on the Group. I have some fresh stuff, see updates.

  • Jim

    Really glad to hear that, Julkka!

    From the beginning of your blog here are some of my favourites:

    1. Winter road
    2. Sunset (I)
    3. Tuonela
    4. Suvilahti (I)
    5. Hietalahti (I)
    6. Vaasa (I)
    7. Sunset (II)
    8. Lynx
    9. Kirkkopuistikko
    10. Water tower (I)

    Would it be OK to have a winter theme? Could you kindly choose some of your favourites for example of those ten?

    I’d love to have at least one pic from Vaasa. Maybe about five would do altogether, don’t you think?

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