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Eurovision in a nutshell

Eurovision in a nutshell

Tomorrow no one cares for it anymore, so I’ll write today. Sorry for the criticism in advance folks – remember it’s just an opinion 😉

Just two VOICES – I mean, for real – Sweden and United Kingdom, but they might be out of question completely being, respectively, quasiopera and musical stuff. Patricia Kaas whom I truly respect for her vocals and charms looks somewhat alien here, too.

Then comes Erovision. A pair of nice legs from Albania. A flat stomach from Turkey. An elderly but nicely cut lady from Ukraine whom Max has just called “the red masturbator” 😀 A younger version of the same from Romania.  A Spanish android. Virgin warriors from Armenia. Smooth male torsoes, Germany and Greece. Have I forgotten anyone?

Waldo’s, Estonia, Denmark, and Norway’s Rybak are doing just fine. Well performed and well staged. If they’re in top 10, we can call this year’s competition  a relatively fair one.

Anyway, the result will be determined by expat communities and neighbor countries in the Eastern Europe. Like, Germany normally gives max votes to Turkey, Poland to Ukraine etc. That’s no secret in fact 🙂

The show itself was at least not worse than those of the previous years. The teasers representing participant countries were simply good. The leading hosts’ looks and English were decent; Alsou’s oil&gas daddy definitely made a good investment 😉

(Running off to count the points). Good nite folks.

3 comments to Eurovision in a nutshell

  • rafale

    …злые языки предлагали отправить на евровидение татьяну лазареву с песней “лежало сало”

  • А я предлагаю, чтоп от каждой страны пел Филипп Киркорофф! загримировать каждый раз иначе и вперед.
    Никто подмены и не заметит :)))

  • rafale

    а что, премия российскому исполнителю греческого происхождения за исполнение песен турецких композиторов на английском языке – вполне себе евромикс 😉

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