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The price of being a clown. Adam Resurrected (2008)

The price of being a clown. Adam Resurrected (2008)

Adam Stein was the best clown.
And he used to play a violin.
Herr Klein made him go down (on his knees yeah),
But still couldn’t make him give in.

Sounds like a children’s scary fairy tale, doesn’t it? 🙂
Well, that’s what it is, especially because most of the movie’s events take place in a psychiatric asylum lost somewhere in a desert. And who’s more of a child than a mentally sick person. So, the above is just to the point.


We see Adam Stein as a patient, yet a very special patient – a consoler, helper, sometimes a healer, a doctor himself. And, of course, an entertainer that he also used to be in the pre-war Germany. A star in a circus, or cabaret, together with his wife and their two daughters.

A flashback. Stein appears on stage where nude cabaret dancers have been doing their leg show. He performs hocus-pokus, monkeys about the people around, makes faces, plays his violin…

And more than that, he reads minds.

One evening he guesses that one of the spectators was going to kill himself. Kind at heart, Stein throws away the killing medicine that the young man was going to use, makes him laugh, and saves his life.

The man’s name is Klein. Sounds a lot like Stein – and like him, he later pays with kindness of his own – the kindness of a commandant of a concentration camp – by turning Stein’s life into a nightmare. Making him live like a dog, literally.

Klein is honest, in a way. Life for life for him means ONE life for ONE life. Stein did his entertainment job well enough to be spared, while his family could not do and did nothing – and did not deserve rescue. Why save them? What for? Instead, he offers Stein a compensation making him heir to another killed Jew. And hands over a pistol. Once again, Klein wants to die and honestly offers a chance of revenge to his former slave.

Stein shoots his dog instead. A clown is no murderer of a human being. A clown means laugh, and laugh means life. Something that his tormentor is not able to understand.

But from now on, he carries with him his own pain and guilt – and Klein’s… By the time we find Stein in the asylum, he is almost killed by those pains and guilts, and memories. Only when another patient is brought in, a teen boy who behaves like a dog, Stein regains his reason to live.

Klein tried to make a dog out of a man and he failed. Stein decides to make a dog to become a human being again and succeeds in doing so. It’s his best magic trick ever.

Man, son of a dog, indeed.

Five points out of five. Applause to Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe for a powerful comeback.

P.S. I’d put this movie next in a row to The Reader. However, Adam Resurrected is much less entertaining and much more severe. What is happening on the screen is, for the most part, madness. One should have the nerve to watch it. Besides, the movie is very JEWISH if you know what I mean. Those who believe Holocaust is a fraud should not even start watching it – they will hate it. But if you’re not rectilinear or anti-Semitic you might as well be deeply impressed and include it in your Top 10. Like I did 🙂

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