April 2019
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If I had bet on this, would have been a millionaire by now

If I had bet on this, would have been a millionaire by now

“This” is of course European Parliament elections.

Europeans seem to be tired, frustrated, irritated, angry by now. The recession, jobs loss, ethnic conflicts,  jawbone strategy of monopolists & co., and unclear future outlook are taking their toll on people’s political choices. Ultras, greens, pirates – whatever most sceptical or simply radical is available on the local arena.

Tolerance is dead? Or, is EU choking?

Next year’s parliamentary elections in Finland might as well prove it, or disprove if some hope is still there 🙂

We’ll see.

7 comments to If I had bet on this, would have been a millionaire by now

  • Max

    Those who are “flying high” have to test a reality. Just a bit 😀

  • The trouble is we are co-testing 😀

  • Max

    Yes, but at least we are not shocked with recent results. The result was more than expected. I would bet next year parliament ellecetion favourite in Finalnd 😉 True Finns are getting now real support from society.
    I’m really far away from True Finns “nice ideas” as i think any foreigner would be… but i do understand worries of many Finns about recent “nice gifts” that EU bring here.

  • I totally agree. The mere fact that ultras get so much support with the mainstream already means that things have gone totally wrong and it’s about time to make a major change & start thinking pragmatically.
    After all, common sense and benefit of the country come first.

  • Max

    Well, that’s nice to have that kind of self adjusting system where “flying high” people will meet the chance to familirize themselve of what they just did 😀

    Another thing is, that whoever you are, left, right, green or even blue, real control is not in your hands, you are just a tool 😉

    Honestly speaking, even an idea that you can somehow influence on something is another great tool 😀

  • En masse – you can 😉 We have just seen it from the elections. The biggest question is, however, if there’ll be any correction.
    At least in our lifetime…

  • Max

    Let’s take an example with Lex Nokia.
    I am firmly beleiving there was no any chance to do not pass this law. Whoever is making the decision, there is no option. At all. Giving away billions of euros tax income, same time finding another millions to cover army of unemployments = mission impossible™

    You can be green, left or right, center or oposition. EURos are having the same color and value…

    Basically the same with retirement age. We can say that we “won” this game now. Billions of euros will not land into country’s budget in the other hand…

    Another thing is, that usualy corporations are not using “direct force” to make their values. They have a lot of another tools for that. The basic one… Democracy.

    Democracy: the cleverest tool for oppression in the history of the world. © Thomas Jefferson

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