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Dolma… Dolma. Dolma!

Dolma... Dolma. Dolma!

Out of all oriental foods, dolma is probably my fave kind.

It’s relatively simple (not counting individual wrapping skills that develop by practicing), remarkably tasty, and all-purpose – goes as a snack or as an independent meal, whatever you want it to be…

Variations of dolma are many, the only essential components being pickled vine (grape) leaves and rice as stuffing. Adding meat to this combination is only logical. Also, dried fruit – I prefer resins but I’ve seen also dried black currants, plums etc. used in stuffing. It makes a perfect combination of tastes: salty (meat), sour (wine leaves), and sweet (dried fruit).

Forced meat goes in raw, rice pre-cooked (boiled till ready), onions minced and fried in oil. It is hard to give any precise spice recommendations, but lemon juice, salt, and fresh mint will only do good to the final product. The only advice is to go easy on them; dolma has its own distinguished taste that does not need to be replaced with the taste of strong spices.

Wrapping is a challenge if you’re new to it 😀
Spring roll experience is however very applicable here. It is enough to put one teaspoonful per leaf – no more, and it’s easier that way.

Ready wrapped dolmas are placed in tight rows in a steamer pot, or any kind of thick-walled deep pot to fit into the oven, pour hot water or meat stock to cover them completely and simmer at approximately 180C until soft. 40-45 minutes is normally enough.

In order to check, just try one. I said ONE! Ah, yum 😀 Enjoy.




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