February 2019
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A tribute to nothing

A tribute to nothing

This world is becoming a rather weird place. The key part in it belongs to people walking around with guns or explosives, killing others and themselves without regret, forget about mercy. They’re suicidal (I cannot believe a person boarding a plane to blow it up would ever hope for survival) and murderous at the same time.

So simple. Feeling lonely, frustrated and underestimated? Hate somebody or the whole world? Take a gun or a bomb. Go out. Enter a place. Shoot or blow the whole thing up. Kill. Express yourself. Get into the news…

And such people are many more than we, “normals”, can ever imagine. Ibrahim Shkupolli was just a drop in a bucket.

What is adding  to the problem is the trend of melting together wealth and poverty, atheism and religious belief, love for privacy and cenobitic lifestyle. The McGoos think that by forced merging everything into everything they can get “average” as a result. Which is completely and tragically wrong. An artificial mixture of cultures standing on the opposite or too far from one another will only lead to victory of a more young, more aggressive, more charismatic culture, the one that does not refuse any method to settle in and, finally, dominate though it will, too, lose its uniqueness.

Why don’t we keep the world’s different parts as they are, that is the question. And help? any help, except medical, is most effective when given locally – and carefully, to avoid the butterfly effect.

Otherwise, be ready to take your underpants off during the airport security check and put on your bullet-proof jacket to go shopping for groceries.

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