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Incandescent and halogen lamps phase-out schedule

Incandescent and halogen lamps phase-out schedule

Today, if you search for old type (cheap) incandescent lamp in Europe you will face at least “certain difficulities”. In real life now (strarting 2010) you will not find any dimmed (non-clear) incandescent lamp at all, and you will not find any incandescent lamp of 60W+.

Yes, we maybe all think about “green world” and other kind of nice things that “Greens” are fitting over to us day by day but NOW we start paying real €os for all those talks. Just go shopping and find out the prices of the new energy saving lamps! Still feeling green? 😀

Check the “Incandescent and halogen products phase-out schedule” and see that quite soon also all halogen lamps will be banned!

Incandescent lamps phase-out schedule

Welcome to the green world!

P.S. Phase-out schedule provided by Philips (all © belongs to Philips).

9 comments to Incandescent and halogen lamps phase-out schedule

  • I’m scared. I really am.
    Having nothing against the movement for environmental issues, I still doubt if THAT should rule our life from A to Z.
    The developments inside and on Earth have not been studied thoroughly enough to be certain about any forecasts, and if we all die out tomorrow like the giant reptiles then what does all this “saving” and “thinking green” give us??

    Damn the whole green business.

  • Max

    Just think! Today you buy the lustre with three lamps and have to pay THE SAME money to buy those energy saving lamps! So now you pay double when going to change your old lustre! This is god damn good €green€ business!
    I beleive this is better not to oppose this modern trend, as potential trillions of green EURos may simply pass away, but accept the new rules of the game and follow 😉

  • rafale

    I was just going to say “scary” when I saw the firsе comment )

    What are the reasons for refusing from incandescent lamps that these green morons are trying to sell us? Those energy saving lamps really stink, and I’m afraid they are much more harmful to the environment (and your eyes, too!) than conventional ones.

  • Max

    There are many thoughs why that green business is that much agressively promoted.
    One of them is about oil and gas availability. This is not about the thing that the earth will run out of oil. Oil prices have nothing to do with oil consumption or oil primecosts or oil availability, oil prices are the most powerfull business tool to control all global markets. Also green business market!

    If you have 45 minutes of your time, check this out, The Business of Climate Change Conference 2009

  • rafale

    i’ll have a look, thanks!

  • Incandescent light bulbs will soon be phased out because they waste a lot of energy.~”`

  • Max

    Oh really??? 😀

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  • Gudrun: thanks for the offer but we do not take this possibility.

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