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Property of the State?

Property of the State?

God knows I’ve tried to keep my eyes wide shut on the Rantala case… Too many people involved, too many attitudes, too many lies spread and too few facts available.

But I’m a mom myself and I cannot help thinking what if it were me and my child.

The local media have been keeping a low profile on the case, but here’re some links:  (in English)

The uneasy feeling I got from those articles grew yet more uneasy when I read discussions at and found out that the Finns are not happy about the problem either.

The idea is basically this: you cannot cure a headache by cutting the head off. Exceptions are rare and those must be real danger for the child: for ex. already in hospital, multiple wounds with known origin, parents with long criminal and/or drug abuse history etc. where also the police is involved from the very beginning. All other cases are no reason for separating a child from a family. For keeping an eye and very careful (!) intervention – yes, but not to the extremes. Family life and family ties are brittle matter and just imagine what a 7 year old should feel when he’s taken away from home and normal surroundings, questioned, placed in an unknown house, deprived of the possibility to meet his parents & grannies – and those people keep telling him it’s being done for HIS benefit because his parents are NOT SAFE for him?! He’ll be ready for Prozac straight away if not ever after, to be able to smile again.

In case of such (let’s be honest – not exceptional in any way) Finnish families as Rantala, take-into-custody decision is the worst one that can ever be made. It ruins the family completely, whatever “bad” it may be from the social authorities’ point of view – it is still a FAMILY and the rights and benefit of it AS A WHOLE should not be underestimated or trespassed. Dear Authorities: if you can help without breaking the tableware please help them; if you can’t – rather leave them alone.

As long as this rule is not observed, all that fuss about the children’s rights and benefits is just dispute over whose property the children are – their parents’ or the State’s. And when I think of the latter option and of how easily the decision is done and how quickly it is implemented and of how the authorities never admit they might be wrong or take a step back, it makes me want to seek another planet for myself and my baby…

Regarding russophobia aspect. Honestly, I do not think this is the case. Finnish children were taken away into foster care in the same manner. Some 16,000 kids in Finland live away from their homes. For a 5 million Suomi, this is a surprisingly high figure. Below is a picture that shows numbers of children taken into custody in different regions of Finland.

The whole thing is definitely a subject for concern and open discussion with the public before Suomi loses its reputation internationally as a child friendly country.

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  • Max

    Some 16,000 kids in Finland live away from their homes. For a 5 million Suomi, this is a surprisingly high figure.

    This is outstanding number. Finland must be death bruthal country to force keeping 16 thousands (!!!) kids away from home. But i do not see that! Where is that bruthality?

    Another “nice” thing is Finnish news medias. is a perfect indicator. They would discuss whatever important topics like “Chicken rights to leave in open space” or another one “drunk vojage of Matti Nykänen” but nothing about REAL HUGE problem of Finland, no single word. Why is that?

    There is in my opinion very bad tendency that Finland got from “Democracy values” actively promoted. The value of the familiy is neglected. The family institution system is destroyed. I can only guess why this is happening. There is no need in strong family ties in “New Democracy Society”. One single individual is controled in much more easier way than a family. This is why parents has less rights to their kids than “social system” has. This is why the number of divorces in Finland become so numerous. In divorce process no one will even try to keep the family together. This is why this new sublimation of marriage so called “Civil Marriage” is becomming more and more popular.

  • To the point. I totally agree that there’s home violence also in Finland, but 16,000?! hard to believe that the situation is that bad.
    I wonder how many of those are “they overdid it”-cases…
    A society where children are brought up in faith that the State is needed to protect them from parents and are specially lectured on reporting parental abuse to the authorities is not democracy. It’s something else.

  • Max

    There is home violence in Finland. There is home violence in Russia, also Sweden, Denmark and Zimbabwe. The home (and other kind of) violence present everywhere where people are presented, this is the nature of human being.

    The problem is the social system making themselve self-appointed to resolve the issues. They got police rights, they got goverment tools to control siciety. The only thing they do not have and do not want to have – responsibility. This is making individuals to feel themselve above the law.

  • The Big Brother who’s always right 😀

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