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Vauvauinti – Baby Sim – Baby Swim

Vauvauinti - Baby Sim - Baby Swim

Went to try it for the first time today at Tropiclandia, all three of us including of course baby Alisa.

Sooo much fun! although we had to  wake up at 6 a.m. which is torture taking into account Saturday 😀 But as soon as we got there our moods were up & high. About 30 babies aged 3.5 t0 6 months, big-eyed, SILENT (!) and PLEASED, with parents and siblings, moving back and forth in 32C warm water. The coach taught us swimming positions for babies, songs like Hämähäkki kiipes langalle (Little Spider, probably the most famous Finnish children’s song), and just encouraged everyone to have a good time.

Next time the babies are expected to start diving. I mean IF they let us make them dive. Babies are tough 😀

A few Finnish fathers in the group (actually we were the only foreign couple there) had a heavy hangover from Friday night that made them drink gallons of juice, however, the fact did not prevent them from coming and actively participating. Applauds to the sisu of the fathers 🙂

The baby swim course  includes 10 sessions, half an hour each, for five different age groups. Age limitations are 3 months and 5 years, respectively. The youngest are the earliest, so that they get the cleanest water and that there should be no other visitors in the pool. All babies are to wear swimming suits and this is a good precaution since as soon as the group got into water there were multiple pooing sounds and parents’ quiet laughter. Of course no one went back to wash… 😀

Next time, after Easter.

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