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My Lazy Lunch

My Lazy Lunch

today. I did not even make the salad, bought one from K-Supermarket and just added a few cherry tomatoes. The pale pink nanotomato pieces that were in the salad originally did not have a taste.


The good news is that full fat milk is back in Finnish supermarkets. Okay, 4.4% is not […]

Bloody tuna

Bloody tuna


Young German duck

Young German duck

It looks rather like it has had botox. Allright… it is frozen 😀

I bought it in Niilin poika the other day. Will stuff YGD with apples and herbs from the garden and grill it in the oven.

Mmm… Sundom’s smoked baltic herring, näm!

Mmm... Sundom's smoked baltic herring, näm!

Seasoned with a handful of good humor.

Sakun keittiö – savusilakkaleipä sundomilaisittain

Apple raita

Apple raita


200g natural yoghurt or kermaviili 1 big or 2 middle sized apples, greeb & juicy, like for ex. Granny Smith 1/2 tblsp grated horseradish salt and white pepper to taste fresh mint leaves

Wash, peel, and grate the apples(s). Mix yoghurt, horseradish, salt, pepper, and chopped mint […]



Love fresh basil

Love fresh basil

Snails do, too.

Just left the package outside overnight and now… there’s not much left of it. Damn 🙂

On the edge of August, dusk, rain…

On the edge of August, dusk, rain...

And desperate barbecues. Before the summer ends.

In the barbecue mood

In the barbecue mood

Nothin’ can spoil it, even a whole day of rain 🙂

Hungry? Steam yourself a dinner!

Hungry? Steam yourself a dinner!

I’m far too spoiled to enjoy steamed food every day, but a steam cooker is actually great for making baby foods 🙂

That’s what we bought it for.

Waiting for Mr. Goose

Waiting for Mr. Goose

No, it’s not St. Martin’s Day or anything, we just went to Turku to do some bureaucracy and bought a gorgeous 4.5 kilo frozen goose at a local market.

While we were driving back in +32C heat it went from icy cold to cool, so I kept it in marinade overnight and finally cooked […]

A lazy breakfast on a winter morning

A lazy breakfast on a winter morning

… looks like this:

Provided, of course, that your liver can stand it 😀

Muffins… just muffins

Muffins... just muffins

A picture to inspire 😀



Langue de boeuf – Naudan kieli – Another look at

Langue de boeuf - Naudan kieli - Another look at

Yes I know that meat byproducts scare off many eaters due to their origin and nature. As for me, I eat everything that has not been nailed down to the table. Well, almost. And byproducts can be very very delicious when cooked in the right way.

Langue de boeuf, or boiled ox tongue, is […]

Dolma… Dolma. Dolma!

Dolma... Dolma. Dolma!

Out of all oriental foods, dolma is probably my fave kind.

It’s relatively simple (not counting individual wrapping skills that develop by practicing), remarkably tasty, and all-purpose – goes as a snack or as an independent meal, whatever you want it to be…

Variations of dolma are many, the only essential components being pickled […]

Less food spendings starting tomorrow?

Less food spendings starting tomorrow?

Good news folks 🙂

From Oct 1st, 2009, on, VAT on food products will be down from 17% to 12% in Finland. Ruokakesko and K-kauppiaat have agreed to implement this VAT change into their prices. Thus, food cost shall drop at least by the difference in tax value. Jiihaa!

The scope of change includes […]

A 2 hour trip to the Archipelago and – voilà!

A 2 hour trip to the Archipelago and - voilà!

This is our fourth time this autumn. And the mushroom season is not yet over. And I still have fish in my freezer and no much space left. And cranberries are to come soon…

I think we will need a new larger freezer.


Saariston tatit!

More Finnish fastfood

More Finnish fastfood

A few pics of no artistic value at all 🙂


Fried potatoes & sausage. Go heavy on cognac mustard.

Paistettua lohta

Fried salmon with lemon. Yum!


If someone had photographed me like that (see the lady on the right) I would […]

The Ugly and the Tasty :)

The Ugly and the Tasty :)

The Autumn Fish Market. Every Finnish city or town has got one of its own in August or September. We had it today, and the day was a lucky strike – sunshine and no rain, in spite of the harsh northern wind, so typical of this time of the year.

The Fish Market normally […]

You’ll know it’s Finland when…

You'll know it's Finland when...

… every time you go fishing you actually GET SOME FISH 😀

Today’s catch as evidence:

10 pikes caught the wobbler, 6 stayed…

Bothnian beauties

Pics ©Julkka