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No bikinis in Vaasa this summer

No bikinis in Vaasa this summer

Suomen kesä 2012

However it has not been snowing either. Positive thinking yeah 😀

To be honest, this is MY kind of weather, lov’ it.



My Lazy Lunch

My Lazy Lunch

today. I did not even make the salad, bought one from K-Supermarket and just added a few cherry tomatoes. The pale pink nanotomato pieces that were in the salad originally did not have a taste.


The good news is that full fat milk is back in Finnish supermarkets. Okay, 4.4% is not […]

A-la Provence or what it may be – new kitchen curtain

A-la Provence or what it may be - new kitchen curtain

It’s so retro and so very village.



Actually, there’s not much choice between styles when you try to cozy up a 1980s farmhouse kitchen. Metal or glass would have ruined the harmony here, with those wooden floors, wooden ceiling, rustical kitchen cupboards etc.

You either start from zero point […]

Happiness, here and now

Happiness, here and now

We’re living through the time of strain.

Too much noise, too much information, too many faces, too many rules and exclusions… by far. Nor even time to think which of this abundance you really need if any.

Sometimes it feels like the energy is going to cut off this very moment and the reality […]

I’m bäck!

I'm bäck!

Earth, wind and fire

Earth, wind and fire

Electricity price is lifted up again in September 2011. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t even think of switching to renewables – what a joke! 🙂

Now that I imagine the amount of bill we might get this coming winter (in winter 2010/2011 the maximum came up almost to EUR300 per month), the […]